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The Service Coordinator of the Year Award honors an outstanding service coordinator who serves elderly, family and/or disabled populations and:

  • Demonstrates extraordinary initiative and commitment in working to improve the lives of his/her residents and community in areas such as developing and implementing innovative programs and community partnerships that improve the quality of life for residents; promoting resident engagement in advocacy efforts; greater awareness of the needs of their residents by outreach and networking in the community
  • Achieves significant or unique measurable outcomes as a result of their efforts to improve the health and wellness outcomes and/or promote healthy habits of their residents
  • Initiates innovative partnerships with community service providers or other partners designed to maintain independence, eliminate barriers, improve skills and assets, or improve the quality of life for the residents
  • Goes significantly above and beyond the regular/traditional duties of a service coordinator
  • Serves as a strong resource in service coordinator-related issues by coworkers, colleagues and residents, and is viewed as a leader and innovator in the profession

The 2019 Service Coordinator of the Year was Kandi Burt. Kandi’s commitment to her residents exemplifies the meaning of being a service coordinator. She has implemented several programs for her residents that has enabled each of them to remain independent in their homes and have a better quality of life. Most notably, Kandi went above and beyond to assist residents after a structure fire. Within 24 hours, she and the property manager made sure each of the temporarily displaced residents had hotel vouchers, food and personal items.

Each nomination must include ONE letter of recommendation from each of the following:  

  1. Resident at the property
  2. Family member of a resident who was assisted by the service coordinator
  3. Community provider or partner who has worked with the service coordinator
  4. One person of the nominator’s choice (the service coordinator’s supervisor, quality assurance professional, elected official, etc.)

To be eligible for Service Coordinator of the Year, nominees must be a current AASC member and in their current position for at least one year prior to the National Service Coordinator Conference. Also, the nominated service coordinator must not have been a Service Coordinator of the Year winner within the past five (5) years.

The winner of the Service Coordinator of the Year Award will receive: 

  • Monday-Wednesday conference registration
  • CEU certificate
  • three (3) nights lodging at the Gaylord National (room and tax only)

The deadline for nominations is April 2, 2020.

For further information, contact Therese Foust at (614) 848-5958 ext. 103, or tfoust@servicecoordinator.org.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.